The Office Chair: Overused and Overlooked

The Office Chair: Overused and Overlooked

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It’s the one thing at your office that gets more use than anything else.  If you actually tally up the hours per week, it’s not even close to anything else.  Yours could probably use a serious upgrade, but when the powers-that-be decide what investments to make in the office, this is always last in line.  Yours is probably at least 10 years old, a hand-me-down from the person who occupied your desk or office before you.  The fact that you have to suffer with this dinosaur day after day, month after month, year after year, is a pain in the rear end.  Literally.

We’re not talking about your computer.  Those can be upgraded fairly easily and they always make it to the top of the list with the head honchos when they’re hammering out the upcoming budget.  We’re not talking about your phone.  Sure, some of the numbers have been worn off, but if you can dial, you can deal.  We’re talking about your squeaky, creaky, wobbly, worn down office chair.

Despite all of the cushions, pillows, duct tape and WD40, you still dread plopping yourself down into that chair every morning.  The pains at the end of the day stretch from your neck to your shoulders to your lower back and beyond.  If the boss won’t spring for a new chair, isn’t it worth it to make a small investment now towards years of comfort and support?

Sit in style with this comfortable and executive-level chair. It has a swivel/tilt mechanism that provides 360° movement. Tension knob and tilt tension lock let you adjust resistance for rocking motion.

Even if you work at home or you’re your own boss, your chair has probably been neglected and dropped to the bottom of your priority list. You may complain about the squeaky wheels, the broken hydraulic lift or the backache at the end of the day, but you’re so busy that rarely does it occur to you that you can do something about it that won’t require a huge amount of time, effort or budget.

Even if you’re not a CEO or you haven’t reached that upper echelon of senior management, the Serenity High Back Executive Chair will make you feel otherwise.  The luxurious black leather upholstery feels as good as it looks and brings a level of sophistication and stature to any office.  For individuals under 5’8” tall, the Serenity Petite High Back Executive Chair is made just for you.

Here’s the best part of investing in your own chair.  It’s yours.  Always.  If you move to a different office, a different cubicle or even a different job, your chair moves with you. Much like your favorite recliner at home that’s been perfectly molded to fit your body, your new office chair will be yours forever.  Don’t wait for the boss to make room in the budget and stop neglecting your own comfort. Take a stand… er, a seat… for comfort and posture and treat yourself to a new chair today.

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