I hate manilla folders!

Image:  PocketFile™-File-Folders-set-of-25
I know it may seem like a strong reaction to something so innocuous but manilla folders, to me, are insidious enough that I really, really don’t like them.

I’m an office products geek – I’m proud of that, too. I write with nice pens, I use quality paper, I like my office to be setup so that I don’t have think about where something is when I need it. Consequently, I don’t use manilla folders.

“Come on, now”, you may be saying to yourself, “Are they really THAT bad?”  Yes, they are.   They rip. They look dirty. They look used (and many times they are – over and over again). They all look the same. Oh sure, I can use color file labels to delineate them but that’s treating a symptom, not providing a cure.

I need folders – I not only use them for filing but I use them as the presentation folder for handouts and I can tell you that I absolutely, unequivocally love Ultimate Office’s PocketFile Folders.   $15.95 for 25 multi-color pocket folders that I can re-use, clean with a window cleaner between uses, visibly see what’s in the folder and make a statement with my own presentations is well worth every dime.  (My first packet of pocket folders has lasted me 3 years and that’s with several office moves, a few home transitions and every day use.)

The multi-color isn’t just pretty, it’s functional for filing – whether you’re analytical or creative (translated to organized or messy)  – you still understand color and the fact that the folders are clear allows me – or anyone – to grab exactly what they need rather than shuffling through those dirty, ripped manilla folders.

PocketFile File Folders – Letter, 5th Cut – Assorted Colors in a set of 25 – $15.95

Andrea Canfield – Office Products Geek and Guest Blogger


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