The Desk I Left Behind

On my drive into work today I was riddled with anxiety about what I had to do today and what I’d left behind.  It’s year end closing — anything missed will have an impact on systems and processes.   Today, more than any other day, is about dependencies, about handing off perfection to the next person who builds on that has to hand off their own perfection to accounting and ERP.

I tried to get everything finished but some things just had to wait.  Before I left on Friday, I organized.

In my reference organizer was not only my to-do’s but my how-to-do’s.  My stationmate with pocketfiles, allowed me to visualize each of the tasks for today.  And at the end of the day, when everything is completed, my files will be placed in color coded PortaFile File Boxes, just ready for the asking.

I am not always this organized but it’s a good start to the New Year, I think.

Do this, not that… how to make sense of your desk space

Do this, not that… how to make sense of your desk space

Are you sitting at your workstation right now, perhaps taking five during a busy workday or browsing just for fun at home? Stop right now and look down at your desk. What do you see? If you’re like most of us, you’ve got a pile of papers here and a smattering of notes there. Maybe in one corner you’ve stacked the mail. You might have an in-box, an out-box, an I-have-no-idea-what-to-do-with-this-box. Couple of receipts? Sticky notes with reminders? Kids’ soccer schedule? Sales reports? Takeout menus? Phone lists?

Just thinking about it is enough to make you dizzy, let alone the wild array of “stuff” actually strewn across your desk. Well, stop stacking, shuffling, taping and tacking and make your way to an organized desk and a sane working environment.

Sound good but seem impossible? Not if you have the right tools. There are lots of ways to organize your workspace but today we want to tell you about one that we love and use every day. It’s a reference organizer, and we promise you, your desk will never be the same again… in a good way. Read More

Organizing goes back to school

Organizing goes back to school

Being an educator may be a calling, but the start of a new school year can still be a pretty stressful time for teachers, administrators and school office workers everywhere. Back to school means lunch menus and class schedules, field trip itineraries and bus timetables. It means emergency contact lists and after school program calendars, teacher lists, agendas, assignments and rosters. And what does all of this have in common? Paperwork! Lots of lots of paperwork stacked on your desk or sorted into file folders where you hope you’ll be able to find it as a never-ending stream of new kids and old, green teachers and veterans, nervous dads and harried moms navigate their way through the school day. If your head is already spinning, don’t worry. We’ve got a perfect solution for your must-have-at-a-moments-notice paperwork woes. It’s the friend of teachers, administrators and school officials everywhere – the Ultimate reference organizer.

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