The Ultimate Classroom

Guest blogger:  Allyson Perkins

I have seen many teachers have specific binders for each student for each subject to keep track of progress and grades, making it very easy to pull out during parent teacher conferences.

While searching for products that would  be very useful in the organization of a classroom, I found Ultimate Office and their 2-Tier Deluxe Carousel. Image:  Two Tier, heavy capacity carousel

It is a 2 tier rack-spinning carousel that holds binders. There are sections on each tier, in which would store my binders – by child and by subject. I really like the fact that it has an option of being on wheels to make it easy to move around the classroom, or put stationary in a corner somewhere.

This is the beginning for me of The Ultimate Classroom!


Organize Now – Our 2014 Catalog is Ready!

Image:  New for 2012 - Ultimate Office  ORGANIZE NOW Catalog - click to download
The new Organize Now catalog is out and available on request at  It can literally revolutionize the way you work.

It has over 500 innovative products that will help you gain space, end clutter, and most importantly work smarter and more effectively. You’ll get more done in less time, and transform your desk, walls, files, and storage areas into a modern workspace that’s both far more efficient AND beautiful.

So, make your work life better. Request our catalog and keep it handy. In fact, you don’t have to wait for the mail. Click here to download the PDF version of the catalog and refer to it whenever you need ideas to increase productivity.

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The Desk I Left Behind

On my drive into work today I was riddled with anxiety about what I had to do today and what I’d left behind.  It’s year end closing — anything missed will have an impact on systems and processes.   Today, more than any other day, is about dependencies, about handing off perfection to the next person who builds on that has to hand off their own perfection to accounting and ERP.

I tried to get everything finished but some things just had to wait.  Before I left on Friday, I organized.

In my reference organizer was not only my to-do’s but my how-to-do’s.  My stationmate with pocketfiles, allowed me to visualize each of the tasks for today.  And at the end of the day, when everything is completed, my files will be placed in color coded PortaFile File Boxes, just ready for the asking.

I am not always this organized but it’s a good start to the New Year, I think.